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SAGEF International is a consulting firm specializing in credit and political risk assessment, international trade finance and financial intermediation supporting export projects around the world.

Our activities are broken down in five (5) blocs of expertise.

Analysis and assessment of exporter's needs
Need to secure the availability of international financing, through the following mechanisms:
(Buyer Credit, Supplier Credit, Turnkey Project, B.O.O.T. Project, Technology Transfer, Joint-Venture participations or other requirements.)
Need to secure foreign receivables (trade or project) against credit or political risk exposure on foreign Buyers / Borrowers.
Need to secure contractual Bank Guarantees or Surety Bonds

(Advance Payment, Performance, Retention or other contractual requirements. )
Need to secure breech of contract or any other credit or political risks outside the control of the Exporter.
Need to secure the domestic financing supporting the execution of the contract prior to the delivery of goods or commissioning of the project.

Financial Intermediation
Needs analysis, financial intermediation and identification of financial partners potentially interested in assuming Credit and Political Risk exposure on foreign Buyers / Borrowers.
Identification and solicitation of Financial Bids available from canadian, private foreign banks, Export Credit Agency (EDC), Aid Agency (CIDA), Multilateral Agencies (World Bank, IADB, IFC, ADB and other IFI's ).
Evaluation and assessment of financing offers.
Recommendation on a winning financial strategy.

Management of funds disbursements until completion of the project.

Analysis and Assessment of Bank Guarantees or Insurance Surety Bonds.
Advance Payment Guarantee.
Performance Guarantee / Surety Bond
Retention Guarantee / Surety Bond, and others.
Analysis of Buyer's / Borrower's guarantee or security requirements.

Implementation of Bank Guarantees / Surety Bonds
Needs analysis supporting contractual requirements.
Identification and solicitation of Banks or Insurance Corporations willing to assume financial risks or underwrite technical performance risk on exporter's undertaking foreign contracts.
Analysis of Bank Guarantee or Insurance surety bond proposals.
Recommendation on a winning strategy.
Implementation and management of the Bank guarantees or Surety bonds until final delivery of goods or commissioning of projects. 

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