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SAGEF International is a consulting firm specializing in credit and political risk assessment, international trade finance and financial intermediation supporting export projects around the world.
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Advisor, Export and Project Finance
SPECIAL ADVISORS: A multidisciplinary group of experts organized in a virtual environment and accessible according to specific mandate requirements. 

This specialized expertise strives to provide the client with integrated and global solutions in the development and implementation of international financial engineering strategies. 

OUR MISSION: Identification and analysis of Exporter's needs related to export project. 

Develop a winning international financial engineering strategies. 

Provide financial intermediation and sollicit financing sources with the following financial partners: 

  • Private canadian and foreign banks; 
  • Bilateral credit agencies; 
  • Multilateral credit agencies; 
  • Regional Development Banks; 
  • Any other financial intermediaries which have demonstrated an interest for the targeted markets. 
OUR UNDERTAKING: Listen to our clients, understand and identify our client's needs and remain aware of our client's domestic and international financial needs. 

Assess and evaluate various sources of financing, establish and implement winning international financial strategies until final delivery of goods or projects commissioning. 

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